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About Us

 FaMeVideogaming started April 2011. FaMe started out as a Playstation 3 Call of Duty clan, for quickscoping, trickshots, and mostly for fun. As summer came, FaMe BLiNX, the leader/founder of FaMe, decided to make it official and to make things serious. So he started a Youtube channel, and recruited, and had some Clan Battles. As of now, FaMe has grew, and now turned to a Videogaming clan too. That means that FaMe does not play only COD. FaMe, now plays any videogame out there and makes videos. Of course we havent left COD, our main games that we focus on is:  Modern Warefar 2 and Runescape.

Now FaMe is recruiting more, and building up a fun and a competitive team. Our goal is to one day compete in the MLG, and win some matches. We want to be like one of those top known clans like OpTic, Leverage, Fear, EnVyUs, FaZe, ect. 

We are making youtube videos for everyone's entertainment. Hopefully you guys will keep an eye out for us as we work our way to the top.

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